Walking Dead


The party see through the lies of Ventilor and attack.

Ventilor and his allies are actually Daelkyr abominations – a mind flayer and his servants. The mule is the bound and compelled final aspect – a beholder.

Khalad, Kate and Pete make a timely arrival and help.

The party slay the Daelkyr and the beholder and retrieve the final heart. All 4 quarters of the heart throb in unison in the containers.

A programmed image of the prelate appears to give them final instructions.

They divide into 4 groups and begin to walk, as instructed, in cardinal directions. There follows several dream like sequences as they step through different planes and realities. All of the sequences are framed around pain, loss, sacrifice and difficult choices.

The group emerge in a forest glade. Before them is a small fey childe. “You have slain me”, she starts, “and for this I thank you”.

The childe is the Feyspire, and the parties actions have cleared her mind of the corruption and suffering she was undergoing. She has briefly frozen time before her passing so she can thank the group and answer any questions.

She asks Raven to accompany her, and Raven declines on the basis that she is concerned about the competence of her colleagues – from an excellent suggestion by watcher.

The party return to Eberron, suspended 100s of feet above the ground while the spire disintegrates around them. They plummet to the ground and black out.

They awaken next to the portal. A coruscating black tear in the fabric of reality.

They fight through two waves of undead, demons and cultists intent on destroying the portal, including Lt Alfons, their annoying and ineffectual friend.

They then face and rudely interrupt the monologue fo a death priest of Orcus, who claims responsibility. There is a difficult battle with the cultists, an avatar of Orcus summoned using the (unwilling and unpleasantly surprised) body of King Boranel before finally winning through.

K’van lies dying, and Pete also was slain.

Bozlor, King Kaius and his knights arrive in a crashing steam train and emerge with the remaining binders – Veronica and Jalissa.

After a brief discussion with Sand, the binders enter the portal and it closes.

A vast skull of Orcus appears screaming in anger as his escape is thwarted.

Massive and overdue catchup

The party enter the spire through a portal near the abse, they kill the guardians and move in.

They rescue a gnome Jonston from rotgrub swarms and zombies. Jonston leads them through to the antechamber of the heart. Jonston has eben working for the demon’s wishes in exhcange for a “reward”.

The inside of the spire is riddled with corruption and undead / abyssal subversion.

Raven has visions of the prelate and a golden haired man, visiting the feyspire and somehow betraying it, she was responsible.

In the antechamber is a powerful Glabrezu, the dagger beloved whispers to Dexter promising the true name of their foe if he gives him self over to Demogorgan.

Dexter is in a tight spot and calls upon Moraddin for intercession. Moraddin appears and gives them some details on what is going on

  • the prelates plan is sound if a little too complex
  • the demon beloved can be freed from the blade to battle the glabrezu
  • the powers are balanced and there is little he can do without drawing his opponents in to interfere potentially breaking the fabric of the world

Dexter and Watcher unmake the dagger and charge into the passage leading to spring, leaving the battle behind them.

They party slay spring ( a green dragon) and take the still throbbing heart.

The party then negotiate with summer, and make the aspect aware of his fate. He kills himself.

The party force their way through in autumn, a difficult passage and face a subverted black dracolich. They eventually kill it.

As they were bracing yourselves for the final assault on Winter, they were interrupted by the emergence from the tunnel by:

  • A strangely charismatic half elf, with luminous golden eyes
  • 2 large human warriors with great swords
  • A dwarven cleric with a glowing hammer
  • An ungainly and clumsy mule carrying a heavy burden of supplies

The half elf introduces himself as “Ventilor”, a puissant wizard and
kindly offers to bear their burden for them through the travails ahead.

08/06 - Cutscene

Brief cut scene where Bozlor and King Kaius defeat assault by Lt Alfons and Zagang.

5 out 10 binders slain.

30/5 - Memories

After eating the oblivion moss the intrepid group are inflicted with a dream sequence.

  • Raven remembers her name, Sar-El, she was a guard in the Spire – she feels shame and anger and remembers a man with amber eyes visiting with the Prelate before the fall
  • Sand sees himself commanding troops, giving speeches and walking in the daylight, in the shadows there is a man he respects and fears
  • Dexter dreams of monstrous abyssal power and see potential corruption
  • Watcher sees the creation forge fueled but corrupted somehow

They enter the spire guided by Raven. They save a worm ridden gnome from a group of rotting worm infested zombies. The gnome Jonston had been fighting a guerrilla action against the invaders before the rest of his family had succumbed to undeath.

Watcher and Sand labor to heal the gnome, who agrees to help them.

Alfons appears to taunt the party; who proceed to ignore them. Piqued he plays an illusion of Jalissa’s last scream and disappears.

Sand prepares a sending to find out what is going on.

23/5 - The assault begins...

Brief introduction of King Kaius the IIIrd.

Sand speaks to Karel of the Eladrin and co-ordinates plans.

Briefing scene with Prelate Kobai and

  • Gibbering mouther Daelkyr
  • Kobolds
  • Karnnathi Royal Guard
  • Absalom and Golems
  • Viktor and assault force of warforged juggernauts
  • Pete, Kate, Herr Kron and Khalad

Khalad wishes Dexter well and reminds him.

Entry points are:

  • orcus lairs
  • blind teleport
  • the ropes…
  • Former unconquered Eladrin portals

The party choose their way through the green man of oblivion moss and many duplicates.

He attempts to surrender to Raven, and to restore her memories, only to be slain by Watcher (unsure due to the risk from mind bending illusions).

The party identify him as oblivion moss – containing memories that can be consumed.

4/5 - Despicable deeds

The party rescue a small group comprising -

  • Kate – the reluctant paladin
  • Pete – the keen paladin
  • Khalad – the gungho dwarf
  • Jalissa – Sand’s SO

After a major battle against a horde of zombies and a snake vestige called Zagan, they discover that Jalissa is one of the binders.

27/4 - Talking to the Godforged

Bozlor takes his leave of the group to protect the binders. B is replaced by Raven, a melee DPS striker with big shiny weapons. Raven has previously been to visit the Godforged on an earlier failed attempt to win their co-operation and agrees to act as a scout.

The group safely reach the warforged armory where the faithful are gathering resources and forging the looming body of the coming god. They are re-united with old friends Viktor and Elyas and learn that their prospective allies do nothing quickly.

Watcher discusses with the elder Armitrand, whether to harvest the power unleashed when the Fey Spire is slain. Watcher makes the point that the other groups vying for this power would not put it to good ends.

They clean out an underground complex belonging to the worshippers whilst waiting and have a nasty, difficult battle against several undead.

Returning the Godforged have agreed to aid the knights of the seal, and the party return to the fortress.

20/4 - Foiling the demons and Prelate Kobai comes clean

The final room of the complex was a lengthy and complex fight against bearded and chain devils and a succubus, while cultists attempted to summon a pit fiend.

Watcher ginsu’d the cultists with his summoned blade before they could complete the rite and the rest of the group forcibly evicted the devils.

Dexter / Watcher wandered about the presence of Devils and Succubi and why they were working together.

On the return to the citadel, prelate Kobai related his plan.

  • Use the 10 binders as bait to tempt the forces of Orcus into a frontal assault.
  • Infiltrate elite small groups into the feyspire and attempt to kill it.
  • Place the quartered feyspire heart into 4 mechanical boxes and travel N, E, S and W with the pieces.
  • Use the energies released by destroying the feyspire to sever Limbo, Dolurrh and Mabarrh – creating a portal into Limbo.
  • Rally forth with the binders and throw the survivors into limbo, trapping T there for eternity.

Having assistance from the makers of the coming god would help but they don’t trust the knights of the seal. Sand / K’Van can help here with their earlier friendship with Viktor / Elyas.

Watcher wandered about how best to use the energy to prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

23/3 - Into the Citadel

The plateau is a wasteland of glass and obsidian shards, and is difficult underfoot. The demonic steeds are fortunately, not bothered.

Finally the group managed to reach the citadel and unload, Veronica, the foot ball.

They were greated by Sgt Shaftoe (bearing a symbol consisting of a red circle, and introduced to prelate Kobai.

Kobai had a job for the party to rescue a missing Daelkyr binder. So far 7 of 10 binders were in the citadel with 3 remaining on their way in.

Kobai declined to answer why they had such a tempting collection of targets.

The party notice a poly-glot collection of groups at breakfast and bid a sad farewell to Veronica who takes up residence in the secure wing.

Travelling to the last reported location of the Daelkyr group they discover evidence of a fight and an incongruously placed green and pleasant cottage inside the mournlands; as well as 100 square yards of surrounding vegetation and plant life.

The group fight their way through demons and orcus cultists and proceed underground, after a difficult battle in which the alarm is rung, they stop to catch their breath.

Ikar the black - 16/3/2011

The party enter the mournlands and make their way through the dead grey mist.

They encounter a “salvage” crew led by Ikar the black; a powerful and daunting half-orc warrior. Making common cause, Ikar tempted by the thoughts of potential plunder they join forces.

The party then encounter a group of Kobolds and bound vestige (also a Kobold). They are unfriendly and soon scurry off looking over their shoulders.

The party soon find out why as their former master, an undead white dragon descends upon them, bearing their old pal Lt Alfons.

Battle ensues and the party manage after a truly heroic effort to slay their foes.


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