Walking Dead

23/5 - The assault begins...

Brief introduction of King Kaius the IIIrd.

Sand speaks to Karel of the Eladrin and co-ordinates plans.

Briefing scene with Prelate Kobai and

  • Gibbering mouther Daelkyr
  • Kobolds
  • Karnnathi Royal Guard
  • Absalom and Golems
  • Viktor and assault force of warforged juggernauts
  • Pete, Kate, Herr Kron and Khalad

Khalad wishes Dexter well and reminds him.

Entry points are:

  • orcus lairs
  • blind teleport
  • the ropes…
  • Former unconquered Eladrin portals

The party choose their way through the green man of oblivion moss and many duplicates.

He attempts to surrender to Raven, and to restore her memories, only to be slain by Watcher (unsure due to the risk from mind bending illusions).

The party identify him as oblivion moss – containing memories that can be consumed.



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