Walking Dead

30/5 - Memories

After eating the oblivion moss the intrepid group are inflicted with a dream sequence.

  • Raven remembers her name, Sar-El, she was a guard in the Spire – she feels shame and anger and remembers a man with amber eyes visiting with the Prelate before the fall
  • Sand sees himself commanding troops, giving speeches and walking in the daylight, in the shadows there is a man he respects and fears
  • Dexter dreams of monstrous abyssal power and see potential corruption
  • Watcher sees the creation forge fueled but corrupted somehow

They enter the spire guided by Raven. They save a worm ridden gnome from a group of rotting worm infested zombies. The gnome Jonston had been fighting a guerrilla action against the invaders before the rest of his family had succumbed to undeath.

Watcher and Sand labor to heal the gnome, who agrees to help them.

Alfons appears to taunt the party; who proceed to ignore them. Piqued he plays an illusion of Jalissa’s last scream and disappears.

Sand prepares a sending to find out what is going on.



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