Walking Dead


The party see through the lies of Ventilor and attack.

Ventilor and his allies are actually Daelkyr abominations – a mind flayer and his servants. The mule is the bound and compelled final aspect – a beholder.

Khalad, Kate and Pete make a timely arrival and help.

The party slay the Daelkyr and the beholder and retrieve the final heart. All 4 quarters of the heart throb in unison in the containers.

A programmed image of the prelate appears to give them final instructions.

They divide into 4 groups and begin to walk, as instructed, in cardinal directions. There follows several dream like sequences as they step through different planes and realities. All of the sequences are framed around pain, loss, sacrifice and difficult choices.

The group emerge in a forest glade. Before them is a small fey childe. “You have slain me”, she starts, “and for this I thank you”.

The childe is the Feyspire, and the parties actions have cleared her mind of the corruption and suffering she was undergoing. She has briefly frozen time before her passing so she can thank the group and answer any questions.

She asks Raven to accompany her, and Raven declines on the basis that she is concerned about the competence of her colleagues – from an excellent suggestion by watcher.

The party return to Eberron, suspended 100s of feet above the ground while the spire disintegrates around them. They plummet to the ground and black out.

They awaken next to the portal. A coruscating black tear in the fabric of reality.

They fight through two waves of undead, demons and cultists intent on destroying the portal, including Lt Alfons, their annoying and ineffectual friend.

They then face and rudely interrupt the monologue fo a death priest of Orcus, who claims responsibility. There is a difficult battle with the cultists, an avatar of Orcus summoned using the (unwilling and unpleasantly surprised) body of King Boranel before finally winning through.

K’van lies dying, and Pete also was slain.

Bozlor, King Kaius and his knights arrive in a crashing steam train and emerge with the remaining binders – Veronica and Jalissa.

After a brief discussion with Sand, the binders enter the portal and it closes.

A vast skull of Orcus appears screaming in anger as his escape is thwarted.



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