Walking Dead

Massive and overdue catchup

The party enter the spire through a portal near the abse, they kill the guardians and move in.

They rescue a gnome Jonston from rotgrub swarms and zombies. Jonston leads them through to the antechamber of the heart. Jonston has eben working for the demon’s wishes in exhcange for a “reward”.

The inside of the spire is riddled with corruption and undead / abyssal subversion.

Raven has visions of the prelate and a golden haired man, visiting the feyspire and somehow betraying it, she was responsible.

In the antechamber is a powerful Glabrezu, the dagger beloved whispers to Dexter promising the true name of their foe if he gives him self over to Demogorgan.

Dexter is in a tight spot and calls upon Moraddin for intercession. Moraddin appears and gives them some details on what is going on

  • the prelates plan is sound if a little too complex
  • the demon beloved can be freed from the blade to battle the glabrezu
  • the powers are balanced and there is little he can do without drawing his opponents in to interfere potentially breaking the fabric of the world

Dexter and Watcher unmake the dagger and charge into the passage leading to spring, leaving the battle behind them.

They party slay spring ( a green dragon) and take the still throbbing heart.

The party then negotiate with summer, and make the aspect aware of his fate. He kills himself.

The party force their way through in autumn, a difficult passage and face a subverted black dracolich. They eventually kill it.

As they were bracing yourselves for the final assault on Winter, they were interrupted by the emergence from the tunnel by:

  • A strangely charismatic half elf, with luminous golden eyes
  • 2 large human warriors with great swords
  • A dwarven cleric with a glowing hammer
  • An ungainly and clumsy mule carrying a heavy burden of supplies

The half elf introduces himself as “Ventilor”, a puissant wizard and
kindly offers to bear their burden for them through the travails ahead.



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