• Absalom


    Bohemian. Necromancer. Cultist. Silly Goatee. Beret. Human, male.
  • Captain Carstairs Mainwaring

    Captain Carstairs Mainwaring

    Brisk, decent chap. Member of the Breland Military.
  • Captain Maun

    Captain Maun

    Grizzled veteran, Captain of Brindol town militia. Effective and efficient. Brusque, direct.
  • Councillor Eoffram Troyas

    Councillor Eoffram Troyas

    Ambitious but honest politician. 40's.
  • Count Ulrich Von Urstadt

    Count Ulrich Von Urstadt

    Deceased last sentient remanant of a group of Vecna cultists in the RivenRoar ruins.
  • Doria


    Female Orcish Shaman - middle aged, powerful build, wearing many totemic fetishes.
  • Elder Cadrick

    Elder Cadrick

    Dwarven Elder of Graywall / Overlook - assigned the parties to defend Bodrin's keep agains the Orcish invaders. Middle aged, direct and authoritative.
  • Eric Hyacinth

    Eric Hyacinth

    Senior member of the order of watchers. Small human male - looks like a clerk, balding, thin wispy ginger hair, 40'ish, quiet, precise speaking voice. Unemotional, unflappable.
  • Herr Kron

    Herr Kron

    Elitist Karrnathi patriot, secret cultist of the emerald claw, violent terrorist. But well mannered aristocrat with excellent taste. Now re-animated owing to unfortunate disagreement with party earlier.
  • Jalissa


    Attractive blonde half elf former prisoner, infatuated with Thorn.
  • Karel


    Harlequin Eladrin, death squad, rampaging in Dolurrh
  • Khalad


    Doughty Dwarven Paladin, last survivor of the monastary of the sundered chain, hero of the nexus. Yippee ki yay... and friendly with evil warlocks but tries not to make a big deal of that.
  • Lieutenant Jeremiah Alfons

    Lieutenant Jeremiah Alfons

    Undead, obnoxious and immortal. Formerly human wizard, early middle age, slightly balding. Decaying flesh.
  • Paladin Kate

    Paladin Kate

    Retired, late middle aged woman, forced back into active duty by Dexter's inspiring words to her husband, Paul.
  • Paladin Paul

    Paladin Paul

    Husband to Kate, somewhat gungho, was retired and very bored, now having lots of fun!
  • Prelate Kobai

    Prelate Kobai

    Human, middle aged, balding, crew cut. Kindly twinkle and hidden plans.
  • Rufus Crumley

    Rufus Crumley

    Human, male, middle aged academic. Tweed jacket with patches, gray hair, pipe. Master of undead.
  • Ruzzle Futzkin

    Ruzzle Futzkin

    Vicious kidney striker male gnome enemy of all that is good and noble.
  • Sertanian - Castellan of Brindol

    Sertanian - Castellan of Brindol

    70, Male, slender, elegant (in normal environment), refined. Ex-military, direct without being brusque.
  • Sgt Shaftoe

    Sgt Shaftoe

    Human sergent, 30's, crewcut. Hits things on order and grudgingly agrees with officers.
  • Sir Herbert Sidow

    Sir Herbert Sidow

    Leader of the DIA - noble friend of the king with a rumoured dark past.
  • Thurann


    Plucky young human boy prisoner, son of Kartenix the late.
  • Veronica


    Female cultist victim, red hair, young, bound and glowing.
  • Wolfgang Amitrades

    Wolfgang Amitrades

    Dashing, mustachioed Karnnathi order of the emerald claw cultist
  • X’orchalich


    Squidhead the Mind Flayer - effete, elitist and evil.
  • Zeriksa


    Grumpy old crone prisoner - maybe she's a witch???