Walking Dead

21/07/10 - Catchup

Back in Sharn.

Veronica is safely delivered to the King’s Citadel secure magical vault (actually intended to house dangerous magical miscreants it does a serviceable albeit poor job as a guest house).

The new Department of Internal Affairs is introduced to the party, uniformed thugs with red lightning bolt insignia embalzoned on their colors, headed by Sir Herbert Sidow – a noble friendly to the king.

There is a brief foray into a temple with a Lieutenant Jeremiah Alfons and Corporal Jerek to rescue a host. Both are sadly slain on the escapade, although not before Alfons had callously slain the bound vestige host. Alfons animates and taunts the party and is despatched again.

On their return, Sand is notified of a rather unfavourable report from the undead Lieutenant, they are now wanted for murder. Captain Mainwaring is sympathetic and advises Sand to lay low. He also informs Sand that the DIA have requested a prisoner transfer of Veronica to their tender clutches and suggests they intervene.

Captain Mainwaring arranges for uniforms and transportation – the party duly take advantage and rescue Veronica. They manage to fight their way past the damned Lieutenant and escape.

Veronica cooly informs them that she detect other vestige hosts and directs their attention to the one remaining in Sharn (two others recently slain).

The party descend to investigate, still not sure of their options for long term safety.



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