Walking Dead

28/10 - Into the Depths

After bandaging Elyas’ wounds, the party continued further into the complex. Following the bloody truncated trail of the goblin that attempted to flee, they find a small living area with seven Goblinoids about to enjoy dinner (slow roasted deer and some mashed roots with a balsamic reduction).

Carnage ensues. Some goblins snipe from across a series of pits, but are fatally surprised by Victor leaping across and batting them into the chasms (a heroic display of agility by a war forged construct).

Investigating the room reveals 7 “beds” of filthy blankets.

There is an odd sigil engraved in the chamber floor which Elyas recognises as having associations with some archaic and nasty death cult.

Moving further into the complex, avoiding the pits for now, the group find an enigmatic portal room containing a floating one dimensional picture. The picture depicts a small decrepit castle in a swamp. After some time investigating the other exist, an oozing orange slime emerges from the Portal.

After a nasty battle, and ambush by some undead emanating from within the portal, the party continue.

They find a small crypt with 6 alcoves containing statues and assorted grave markers. Cautiously moving into the room, they are surprised when one of the doors opens, seemingly of it’s own accord.

Two magma elementals manifest and attack the intruders. Two gnomes are hiding in the room and plead for mercy as the party cruelly hack them down.

Thorn begins to suspect their sincerity as they please for mercy, whilst attempting to stab Elyas. One is slain and the other, a female called Jan is taken captive.

At this stage the party are exhausted from their endeavours, Victor is missing several crucial cogs, and is leaking a strange oily ichor. Thorn and Elyas are badly injured, while Elyas is suspiciously glowing and vibrantly healthy.

Deciding on discretion they retreat to the secluded glade where they stashed their horse, and rest before interrogating the prisoner (let her worry about her fate for a while).

Jan claims she is a member of a small tribe of hillbilly hick gnomes hired as security by the Hobgoblins, who have delusions of grandeur. Her and her brother were guarding two prisoners just downstairs from the crypt. (So close to saving the first villagers, will they survive the night?)

With some reluctance, and discussion, the party agree to spare her life, so long as she leaves the area and does not return. Jan is terrified and flees as soon as she is released.



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