Walking Dead

29/9 Koptila the Accursed awaits...

Koptila is an ogrish, slighter rougher analog of King Arthur.

His return was prompted by the disruption to the planes. Unfortunately this coincided with the parties arrival to use the portal.

The party fought their way through several ogres — fed their unsettling horses — and confronted Koptila. If only they had a shared language and could establish common ground, much unnecessary nastiness could have been avoided. Koptila was a massive Ogre in kingly regalia who could teleport his victims into reach.

Sadly not to be, Koptila was vanquished but not before retreating in his chamber, killing Wolfgang and almost slaying Dexter who managed to flee through the portal. Sand managed to figure out a cunning way to lift the massive stone tablet and the party rushed in to kill him.

With some trepidation the remaining members went through the portal to find what had happened to Dexter…. Watcher had found a very shiny stick and was bemused.

On emerging the other side of the portal, the rest of the party noticed that:

  • Veronica had not emerged with them
  • The horses had not emerged with them
  • Everything was shadowy and looked as though they were in a different plane, possibly Dolurrh
  • There was a massive pilar of energy visible far to the south south west



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