Walking Dead

From Dexter's journal

We regrouped in the sewers. Sand, disguised, went up aboveground to scout round, and find supplies. He returned, and Watcher & Sand then used a Speak with Dead ritual to ask the head of Alphonse why he had murdered the other vestige host. From what Alphonse said, it appears he really has come back to life. I’d assumed that whoever had left us the message in blood was some lurking assasin. And probably a gnome. We still have his head – that must need serious magic – to resurrect without your head? Possibly heads aren’t essential if you’re undead – I don’t think most undead are killed by decapitation. I wonder how we can prevent his resurrections. Next time, will try reducing him to ashes, then scattering the dust in different places. Though I suppose Liches probably can’t cast spells without a head? Now there’s a worrying thought…

Alphonse seemed rather puzzled: uncertain as to why he was being contacted, but also said he was alive. If he was alive, how did the ritual work? Had a nasty feeling that towards the end, he was working out who was actually casting it.

It is set up for us to spring Veronica from the jail she’s being kept safe in. Aureon knows how we can work in Sharn again, after breaking into their prison. We found the high-security installation, hovering about 250 feet in the air. We arrived on one of those hovering platforms they like here. Docked it at the obvious platform. Got down to her cell routinely enough. She played along, though annoyingly enthusiastic as ever. We were just beginning to relax, having got to the final stairs before our escape, when we saw waiting for us in the docking bay were 4 skeletons, 3 rotting hulks and Alphonse again.There ensued a complex fight, during which we pushed 2 of the hulks and Alphonse off the roof. Alphonse kept on reanimating his troops as they fell. The hulks either survived the fall, or reanimated after hitting the ground far below. Alphonse? He’ll be back.

Talked our way out of the situation – some guards had followed us, and huddled, scared, on the stairs while we fought off Alphonse and his troops. We set off, in two flying platforms – Alphonse had arrived in one, which we commandeered. Veronica could sense that there remains only one other bound host in the Sharn area. Two have disappeared from her sensing while she was in the jail. She is to lead us toward the other host. Worried that we’re merely reacting to events. We’re not really in control of this…



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